Automated contact programs are by their nature complex and heavily dependent on the quality of their design to be successful. They require continual attention to make sure what was designed to happen is in fact what is happening.  The risks are high as incorrectly functioning program components may be operating across hundreds or thousands of simultaneous automated connections to your most precious asset, your customer base.

After nearly 20 years of managing complex, high-volume automated contact programs we know this first-hand and is why we name a dedicated account manager to oversee every customer we work with.  The account manager is the primary point of contact for customers and they champion the needs of their customers to ensure delivery of commitments.  They capture initial customer program requirements, manage the delivery of enhancements and custom functionality, and are responsible for keeping customers apprised of the performance of their programs. They are the front line of support for tweaking program performance, adding additional service options, and identifying additional ways to further optimize programs to achieve and surpass customer business objectives.

SkyCreek dedicated account managers:

  • Meet with customer management and stakeholders to capture program requirements, to document interaction design parameters and to define target performance objectives
  • Interface with SkyCreek professional services, product engineering and product support groups to manage the fulfillment of customer program changes, the resolution of technical issues and the delivery of custom enhancements
  • Design, implement and manage proof-of-concept systems to help customers socialize, build support and justify funding to deliver target cost savings
  • Monitor daily performance of customer programs, triage and troubleshoot any technical issues and coordinate reporting and status updates
  • Periodically analyze operational statistics, benchmark performance and leverage lessons-learned and best-practices gleaned from other operations to recommend process improvements that can further elevate performance and optimize the cost-efficiency of customer programs
  • Manage overall program success, quality assurance and customer satisfaction

Each member of our dedicated account management team has over 15 years or more experience managing complex, high-volume contact operations and we bring the entire extent and scope of this experience to every customer we support.

Our commitment is to achieving and preserving service excellence.