Below are some of our favorite informational assets that we use to share the almost 20 years of knowledge we have amassed in managing highly complex, high-volume automated customer and employee interaction programs.

SkyCreek Overview  

SkyCreek Overview

Learn more about SkyCreek and how we are providing the next generation of high-performance contact and customer experience management solutions to enterprise contact operations needing to move from basic capabilities to advanced levels of contact performance, cost containment and customer experience. Learn how our experience as an early pioneer in IVR technologies and the nearly 20 years experience managing some of the largest automated contact operations in North America since, makes us uniquely qualified to reinvent the performance and cost of customer contact operations.

SkyCreek Quotes  

What Do SkyCreek Customers Have to Say About Us

Read direct quotes from managers of some of the largest contact operations in North America about the automated contact services SkyCreek provides them and the value we bring them on a daily basis.



Tradeoffs of Internal Calling Programs  

The Tradeoffs in Moving Calling Programs In-House

While the surface level cost savings of moving calling programs in-house to save money and avoid per-minute calling transaction costs is certainly appealing, the reality is that there are a lot more layers of complexity that ultimately govern the performance of these programs and the true cost to the business.  In this SkyCreek Whitepaper we have laid out all the important considerations of moving sophisticated outbound calling programs in house and the realities of relying on shared IT resources versus the performance benefit of dedicated program and account management.

SkyCreek Utilities  

SkyCreek Utilities & Field Service Solution Overview

Learn how SkyCreek is innovating the next generation of utility and field service customer contact technologies that are producing a 20X return on Can't Get In (CGI) field service access situations. Learn how SkyCreek's specialty in optimizing pre-appointment and pre-dispatch confirmation processes is eradicating avoidable unconfirmed truck rolls as we maintain an average 93%+ contact rate across our entire customer portfolio.

SkyCreek Customer Experience Management Best Practices  

Customer Experience Management Best Practices

Learn the components of successful and effective Customer Experience Management (CEM) platforms as defined by Fortune 500 companies in both the United States and Canada. Learn how assigning a CEM Program Lead, how incorporating closed-loop alerting processes, and integrating customer sentiment analysis capabilities can help companies "move the needle" in terms of resulting customer experiences.

SkyCreek Customer Experience Management Best Practices  

Customer Magazine (TMC) - How to Build a Better IVR

Read the latest strategies from our CTO Mark Willburn about how to build better outbound IVR solution that can increase customer centricity, integrate key data from other customer and workforce management systems, add advanced contact dynamics to your processes and leverage the latest insights from experience management efforts to optimize how, when, and why you automate contact to your customer base.