Underlying all SkyCreek managed services, industry solutions and custom calling programs is the SkyCreek INTERACT interaction management platform. 

SkyCreek INTERACT is responsible for brokering and managing all inbound contact and outbound connections, intelligently managing conditional processing of SkyCreek services and customer programs, and efficiently managing systems resources and performance. 

SkyCreek INTERACT is a J2EE-based platform that delivers the power of flexible, adaptive and scalable web services without being dependent on costly database or application server software. It’s built on reliable VoiceXML and CCXML standards and incorporates traditional touch-tone IVR, text-to-speech (TTS), automated speech recognition (ASR), call control and recording, CTI, ISDN, SIP VoIP and other protocols to support calling operations. 

SkyCreek INTERACT leverages multiple integrated connections to email and text messaging providers to provide multiple redundancies for these channels and is through SkyCreek hosting is currently capable of supporting thousands of concurrent calling connections. It is an extensible platform that can easily be scaled to accommodate customer volume and is seamlessly integrated with leading billing, CRM, ERP, workforce management systems as well as with existing customer back-office, telephony and web-based applications.

The SkyCreek INTERACT platform consists of the following components:

Billing API Inbound – powers all inbound calling, web, email, messaging and mobile application connections to the INTERACT platform. It understands available calling ports and connections available by channel and is capable of prioritizing processing of different inbound traffic to provide hyper-efficient processing of responses, inquiries and other connections. The Inbound component supports sophisticated call control and recording, CTI, SIP, VoIP as well as traditional touch-tone IVR, speech recognition and Text-To-Speech options.
WFM API Outbound –powers all outbound calling, web, email, messaging, social and mobile application connections initiated through the INTERACT platform. It is aware of available calling ports and connections by channel and can pull and combine data, audio, video and pre-recorded, multilingual scripts, text-to-speech and other message information from a variety of sources to customize delivery based on the connection established —call answered by person, by voicemail, by answering machine, by fax detection and according to delivery confirmations for email and text messaging.
CRM API Manage – is the master controller of the INTERACT platform. It intelligently processes all inbound and outbound connections and handling requests of SkyCreek managed services, solutions and custom customer programs. Manage processes defined rules, conditional processing logic and the operational constraints of each service or program operating on the platform to ensure accuracy, efficiency and operational consistency. Manage maintains log information of every process it performs to provide a complete accounting and audit trail used by SkyCreek support to track and quickly resolve issues, improve operating processes and further optimize customer program performance.
Credit API On-Premise – is a self-contained component for installing and remotely managing on-premise deployments of the INTERACT platform and associated managed services, solutions and custom customer contact programs. It provides a lighter-weight version of the main INTERACT platform and is optimized for remote management, localized resource control and direct integration with customer front and back office systems.
Credit API Design – provides a rapid automation development environment for easily and visually constructing interaction designs that incorporate calling, web, email, messaging, social and mobile application channels. The INTERACT Design component generates efficient compiled coding to optimize speed and performance of new programs in production environments.