At SkyCreek, optimization isn’t just a slogan it’s a business model.


We state our customer objective openly: to continually optimize customer contact programs to the point where our cost represents a direct percentage share in the hard cost savings we’re able to produce and sustain for your contact operation.

Below is SkyCreek’s Optimization Model:

Optimization Model

Step 1 - Customized Capability
For companies needing to elevate current contact automation or to stand up new or advanced capabilities, SkyCreek provides a highly consultative approach to understanding technical requirements, customer interaction and experience objectives, and overall performance goals.  Unlike product-oriented solution approaches, SkyCreek’s focus is providing a suite of managed services that can be tightly coupled together on our unifying INTERACT platform to provide a highly customized, scalable, customer-specific solution.

As part of our overall service excellence objective, our dedicated account managers work with customers at this phase to track and analyze the performance of new program capabilities.  Leveraging our Analyze, Inform and Comply services and through regular status meetings and program overviews our dedicated account managers look to identify the key process drivers that affect performance and contribute to cost.

Step 2 - Process Improvement
Empowered with structured program data, standardized reporting and performance trending, our dedicated account managers work with companies to routinely identify process improvements that can push the needle even further.  We not only see this as an added value for our customers, we see it as good business because it allows us to further align program cost to program performance.

At this phase the objective is to surpass the status quo and achieve breakthroughs.  With nearly 20 years of experience managing complex, high-volume contact programs with some of the largest companies in North America, our dedicated account management team leverages this experience to identify applicable best practice examples from other programs and custom approaches that can achieve and sustain higher levels of performance—the goal being to increase performance relative to program cost. 

We go this extra step because we know the more we can align cost to performance, the more trust and value we create in becoming a long-term partner that can continue to support and drive additional efficiencies—an objective we’ve achieved with over 75% of our active customer base who have relied on us for more than 5 years consecutively.

Step 3 - Shared Return
Our end objective is to help companies optimize the cost-effectiveness of their automated contact programs.  To us, optimizing means to provide the needed capabilities to execute advanced, precision, high-volume automated contact interactions that provide hard dollar savings of which we represent a fixed cost or percentage of the return generated.

We have successfully transitioned our contact program support of several high-volume contact operations to this model; whether it is a fixed fee per appointment cancel we weed out of daily field service operations or where we automatically process fall-out of provisioning new service orders. Regardless of the functional objective, our goal is to amplify return on investment and to simultaneously lower overall total-cost-of-ownership and total-cost-to-sustain-savings.

No matter the industry, company size or contact objective, our goal in optimizing contact programs is to keep our customers at the cutting edge of performance and to reduce their risk in working with SkyCreek as a long-term partner in the results we generate.