SkyCreek works with partners to establish leadership in targeted markets. 

Our objective is to combine our hardened suite of automated contact management services and our significant experience in managing high-volume contact operations with partners who have demonstrated leadership in specific verticals to together change the cost-basis for delivering superior customer interactions and experiences.   We aim to develop best-in-class industry-specific solutions that solve real-world business problems and that further optimize the performance and scalability of customer impacting operations.

Currently SkyCreek works with the following strategic partners:

SkyCreek is also proudly affiliated with the following industry associations who help us stay at the forefront of changing market dynamics:


The VoiceXML Forum is an industry organization formed to create and promote the Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML). With the backing and contributions of its diverse membership, including key industry leaders, the VoiceXML Forum has successfully driven market acceptance of VoiceXML through a wide array of speech-enabled applications.


TMIA stands for The Messaging Industry Association. TMIA is a telecom association that was formed in 1998, and the organization’s charter is to advance the adoption and use of messaging services in all market segments including consumer, business, and government. Our telecom association is a group comprised of service providers, voice mail/messaging vendors, CPE providers and other parties with a demonstrated interest in promoting the charter of TMIA in order to increase the profitability of all industry participants.


The VCTA, established in 1966, serves as the principal trade association for the cable telecommunications industry in Virginia. Its mission is to positively promote the cable television, high-speed data and telecommunications services of member companies to the public, the business community and state officials.


The Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania is an association of Pennsylvania cable operators, equipment suppliers, programmers and other allied companies that advocates, communicates and educates about industry positions to public policy makers, opinion leaders and the general public in order to enhance member companies operations, competitiveness and profitability.


The Oregon Cable Telecommunications Associations mission of the association is to promote the well-being of the cable telecommunications industry through effective political and public relations, and educational activities.