Results are everything. 

Whether explicitly stated or implicitly implied we know that results are the key to solid, sustained relationships that mutually benefit both parties.  As a company singularly focused on optimizing automated contact programs, we understand the importance of results. 

Below are some results we have and continue to deliver for our clients:

  • Processed over 1 billion automated contacts across our 20 years of experience.
  • Saving over $1.5 M in reduced preventable truck rolls per month for a large cable service provider—reducing monthly No Access incidents by 20%.
  • Saving over $4.3M annually in manual error-handling costs for a large international telecommunications provider—Saving over $50M in manual error-handling costs since 2000.
  • Suppressing over $250k a month in live dispatch support costs for an international financial services operation.
  • Verifying over 15 million service activation orders annually.
  • Reducing 2/3rds of avoidable appointment workload monthly for a Fortune 50 field service operation.
  • Processing several million customer satisfaction surveys a month and tens of millions annually.


To learn more about the results SkyCreek has generated for referencable customers please contact our dedicated account management team.