SkyCreek is a managed services and solution provider offering innovative functional services to advance automated contact capabilities and best-practice industry solutions that can sustain long-term operational cost savings.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model is comprised of the following categories:

Software Services Model

Industry Solutions
SkyCreek provides numerous industry specific solutions built on years of developing best practice approaches to solving real-world operational needs.  Whether aiming to reduce cost, increase current performance or to stand up new capabilities, Our Industry Solutions are designed to be easily adapted to customer requirements, rapidly implemented (typically within a week) and are capable of leveraging any of the underlying SkyCreek managed services, channel options or systems integrations we have developed.

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Managed Services
SkyCreek managed services provide innovative functional capabilities that go beyond traditional out-of-the-box standard features of IVR systems, multi-channel contact platforms and customer experience management applications.  They are designed specifically for the needs of high-volume, enterprise operations and are designed to elevate the precision, stability and performance of the automated contact programs we manage and support. 

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The world of automated contact is now about utilizing the right-channel, at the right time, and for the right reasons for each and every individual customer you maintain.  SkyCreek provides customers with the ability to leverage different channels (phone, email, text) at different stages of an automated contact program and according to customer preference to increase the probability of successfully connecting with customers for whatever the reason.

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The typical high-volume contact operation is a mash-up of data, operational systems and organizations all needing to work in tandem to achieve desired performance.  SkyCreek has built and continues to build integration points to various billing, workforce management, CRM, ERP, Credit and specialty systems such as our integration with leading ATM access control and telecom order provisioning and billing applications.

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Underpinning all solutions we manage and maintain for our customers is the SkyCreek INTERACT™ platform.  INTERACT is SkyCreek’s core interaction management platform that facilitates all inbound and outbound contact for the managed services and industry solutions we provide.  It is designed to support rapid design, development and implementation of customer specific capabilities and to easily manage and modify running contact programs to quickly accommodate lessons-learned in operation.

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SkyCreek Hosting
SkyCreek maintains SAS 70 compliant, fully redundant data centers in Reston, VA and Chicago, IL.
Redundancies maintained:

  • Redundant voice platforms and application servers
  • Redundant connectivity to telephony networks
  • Redundant connectivity to the Internet (multi-honed)
  • Redundant power including battery and off-grid power generation

Full operational support:

  • 24x7 uptime monitoring
  • 24x7 operational and technical support
  • Software maintenance including platform upgrades and associated services
  • Additional capacity on demand

Dedicated Account Management
No matter what the mix of services we manage on behalf of our customers, whether on-premise or in our secured and fully redundant data centers, SkyCreek assigns a named, dedicated account manager to each customer solution we support.  We believe that the quality of the end customer experience delivered through an automated contact program is dictated by the quality of the solution designed and the level of attention paid to the key operational variables that drive cost and overall performance.  In high-volume contact operations this is an absolute necessity to achieving and sustaining target cost-to-effectiveness objectives.

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Professional Services
SkyCreek’s professional services organization works with customers to assess current contact programs, design new system concepts, develop customized automation capabilities and implement cost-effective tailored solutions that leverage the SkyCreek managed services model.  We have over 20 years of custom solution experience that we bring to every customer engagement and understand how to build the necessary business and technical justification to get programs approved and deployed.  We leverage the latest development methodologies, technology foundations and project management techniques to ensure the right solution at the right budget and the right timeframe.

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SkyCreek Support
SkyCreek’s technical support organization maintains all SkyCreek technologies and custom customer contact programs.  Our support team leverages the latest change management techniques to ensure tight control and management over customer enhancements and product roadmap developments.  Our customers have direct access to our support organization, who together with the customer’s dedicated account manager, manages customer change requests, maintains the stability and performance of customer program implementations (including on-premise solutions) and manages the release of new functionality to our managed services and solutions portfolio.