SkyCreek has significant experience in developing deep machine-to-machine integrations with large, operational systems powering some of the largest enterprises in North America.  Currently we support integrations to multiple leading solutions in Billing, Workforce Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Credit Bureaus and for specialty industries like ATM Lock Management.

We develop integrations both to accommodate customer requirements and to extend our automated contact management capabilities to new markets.  We’ve developed tight and loosely coupled integration approaches to front/back office, telephony and web-based infrastructure systems.  We provide seamless, real-time and batch integrations that are deeply embedded directly through vendor APIs and/or through simple flat file transfer interfaces that we manage across FTP, SFTP, XML, VPN and web services technologies.

SkyCreek provides integrations in the following categories:

Billing API Billing – SkyCreek integrates directly to industry leading Billing systems in the Telecommunications and Cable Industries to associate contact information to systems of record and to comply with compliance requirements and objectives.
WFM API Workforce Management – SkyCreek integrates with US based and international workforce management systems and has worked with multiple variations of appointment management techniques and configurations that govern field service and appointment management operations..
CRM API Customer Relationship Management – SkyCreek integrates with leading customer relationship management platforms and can accommodate a number of different data structures and designs to maintain customer contact records.
Credit API Enterprise Resource Planning – SkyCreek integrates with large-scale enterprise resource planning systems to factor in resource availability, historical information and workflow results to trigger customer contact.
Credit API Credit Systems – SkyCreek has integrated with credit systems to accommodate phone based credit card payment, account receivables notifications, financial reporting and record security for customers in the collections and customer credit industries.
Specialty API Specialty Systems – SkyCreek develops custom integrations with specialty applications.  For example, in the ATM service market, we developed systems to support Kaba Mas and Sargent and Greenleaf, the leading ATM Access Control system providers in the ATM maintenance and cash transit industries.