Managed Services

SkyCreek managed services constitute our core application functionality.  They are delivered both internally and externally as discrete service capabilities and are the core functions that SkyCreek industry solutions and custom contact programs utilize to perform the specialized operational automation we support.  We believe that organizing our core managed services in this manner provides an effective layer of customer-to-technology abstraction, allowing customers to easily, safely and securely add new features and capabilities to operating programs. This model also allows SkyCreek support to more easily push customer program changes, general upgrades to existing functionality and new services to our underlying SkyCreek INTERACT™ Interaction Management platform without affecting service.

SkyCreek Managed Services include:

Emulate Emulate – provides a process automation framework for the rapid development and implementation of managed automation routines capable of replicating any repetitive or routine human process anywhere in the enterprise. Whether to support operational support system procedures, contact programs or other manual tasks, Emulate provides a cost effective solution for automating inefficient processes that can be tightly integrated with other SkyCreek Managed Services, Industry Solutions and customized capabilities.
Notify Notify – allows SkyCreek applications and customer programs to issue outbound customer and employee notifications across all channels supported and according to recipient preferences. Notify captures response rates, channel traction, best-time-to-reach probabilities and other connection related data to continually add intelligence to contact programs that leverage it.
Analyze Analyze – provides data analytics capabilities for data collected by SkyCreek on behalf of customer contact programs. SkyCreek Managed Services and Industry Solutions capture significant data on customer interactions and preferences, program performance and employee compliance. Analyze provides flexible reporting and data analysis that SkyCreek account managers and customer management use to understand this data and convert it into meaningful, actionable information that can impact program performance and business objectives as a whole.
Inform Results – exposes fully customizable and advanced reporting of performance and customer data collected as part of contact programs we manage. Whether the results of customer surveys, outbound calling programs or the results of field service appointment confirmations/cancels; Results allows customers to easily understand results, benchmark performance, monitor the affect of improvements made to operating programs and centrally inform all pertinent stakeholders across the operation.
Comply Comply – monitors employee actions and interactions with customers to ensure that customers are being handled properly, that operational and customer service requirements are being met and that overall business objectives are being supported. Comply allows contact managers to define compliance requirements, satisfaction objectives and measurement points to provide an adaptive quantitative basis for individual and group service improvement, new employee training and to support overall customer experience management objectives.
Comply Portal – provides secured, web-based account information, program visibility and performance dashboards to SkyCreek customers. Portal provides near real-time updates on the status and performance of running contact programs and is used by other SkyCreek solutions to expose different reporting and metrics for the specific functionality they provide.
Schedule Schedule – controls timing related conditional processing of different elements of a contact program using a range of customer defined variables including: contact windows, channel delivery restrictions, general blackout dates, retry intervals, time zone considerations and other custom requirements. Schedule also supports contact throttling, which dynamically adjusts contact activity based on specific timeframes or according to a target completion dates, such as collecting a defined number of customer surveys by a target date.
Authenticate Authenticate – adds customized security protocols to SkyCreek contact programs. From adding basic login credentials to advanced biometric authorization, Authenticate can accommodate any level of access control and user management sophistication required.
Comply Bridge – allows employees involved in customer contact programs to quickly patch other employees, sub-contractors, customers and even other systems into live calls. It provides and easily managed and easily tracked solution for customers who want to provide front-line and field-service employees with the flexibility to service customers, leverage corporate caller ID when calling customers and easily bring all stakeholders together on a single call.
Comply Opt-in – captures customer opt-ins across web, email, messaging, social media and through IVR calling interfaces. Opt-in captures customer channel preferences and exposes this information to other SkyCreek services, solution and customer contact programs.
Broadcast Broadcast – provides a highly-customizable and intelligent mechanism to broadcast any type of audio, text, video or social information to a defined population, whether for emergency situations, political activism, marketing and/or advertising. Broadcast is designed to provide an efficient method to contact defined recipient populations en masse, versus more conditionally driven contacts as part of more sophisticated contact programs.