1st ResponseRemote Intelligent Management of
Indicating Health Metrics


The faster health information can find its way into the hands of care givers, the faster medical correction can occur and the more likely larger, more costly medical issues can be avoided.  The challenge for today’s medical and health maintenance providers is being able to offer proactive care without incurring the cost of in-office visits and manual follow-up patient by patient.  Providers need to leverage new automated approaches to broaden their effective coverage and to prevent the cost of unnecessary office visits that tax limited resources and contribute to service delays for patients in need.

SkyCreek 1st Response allows medical and health maintenance organizations to automatically monitor in-the-field medical device equipment to establish patient-centric front-line health monitoring to detect conditions, assess severity and triage, and coordinate all condition appropriate notification.

SkyCreek 1st Response allows health providers to design intelligent trigger points on any and all monitor-able health metric so that those who need help the most are automatically triaged, prioritized and responded to accordingly. Upon detecting a variance or an out-of-bounds scenario, 1st Response automatically triggers proactive notification to health professionals, family members, and other concerned parties.  It can report the conditions presenting and it can quickly provide care givers with the necessary context and complimenting data to clearly expose the full scope and severity of the presenting condition.

With SkyCreek 1st Response placing this level of embedded and remote health management in the patient’s home is revolutionizing the health maintenance industry and is allowing health care providers to dramatically expand the capacity of patients they can effectively support while effectively lowering the cost per patient under management.