ActivateFully Automated Service Provisioning
Across Multiple Systems


Provisioning new services is often a complex and rigid process that typically spans multiple systems and organizational ownership.  The complexity involved is magnified further by the number of locations and the array of new services in data, voice, video and convergent technologies—all of which increase the potential for errors to be made on customer orders—driving delays in service fulfillment and increasing customer support call volumes and the manual overhead to process them.  The challenge for wire-line, wireless, cable and broadband service providers is to support the continued growth of customizable service offerings without adding to the bottom-line and without any impact to customer experience.

SkyCreek Activate is an industry  hardened, intelligent activation solution designed to provision services for next-generation digital switches, circuit-switched, broadband, IP, networks, voice mail, and other network elements, as well as email, Centrex, T1 trunks and other complex subscriber services. It spans multiple integrated provisioning and order management systems to automatically plug the holes in the service fulfillment process and eliminate administrative and support overhead from timely service activation.

Activate detects service order issues and validates order accuracy prior to releasing orders to their respective provision workflows; preventing incorrect orders from creating a service-impacting error reaching the customer. It employs a standard, baseline knowledge set, configured to the service provider's network equipment, providing for a highly customized and precise solution that is easily expanded to accommodate new service offerings, new provisioning processes and new cost reduction objectives.  Most importantly, Activate prevents the activation errors that lead to costly-support inquires coming into customer support centers.

SkyCreek Activate provides the following service fulfillment capabilities:

  • Pre-qualifying orders based on business rules, to ensure all necessary data has been collected and is valid
  • Verifying each order's timeliness and accuracy
  • Handling flow-through to circuit, broadband, IP and cable network element
  • Supporting large numbers of scheduled service orders
  • Enabling "instant-on" service orders to accommodate new service types quickly, to support market tests and deployment of new products and services
  • Activating service on its due date and time
  • Validating that network elements required to support a new service are available prior to the scheduled provisioning date
  • Sending status information back to the appropriate legacy systems, such as Order Entry and Inventory, to complete the provisioning loop

SkyCreek Activate currently provisions some of the largest high-volume automated service fulfillment operations in North America.  With nearly 20 years of mission-critical service fulfillment support to its credit, Activate has auto provisioned over xxx,xxx,xxx service orders, prevented over xx,xxx,xxx service orders from being incorrectly processed, and prevented over xxx,xxx,xxx customer support calls from entering the call center.