Field ServiceUnderstand & Recover Dissatisfaction at
any/all Customer Touch Points


When it comes to customer experience, every customer touch point matters.  No matter where customers interact with the business, they form and refine perceptions about the brand, the quality of service delivered and whether or not they would be better served elsewhere.  As a result, it’s increasingly imperative for customer-centric organizations to move beyond measuring customer experience and satisfaction as a whole and to measure, benchmark and improve every customer touch point as its own discrete customer impacting function.

The challenge is to employ more sophisticated, multi-channel customer measurement techniques that mirror the hierarchies of customer care, field service and customer acquisition operations so that individual departments, functions and employees can be consistently measured and improved—both in terms of interaction quality and resulting customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Consistent touch point measurement to understand the mind of the market and the voice of the customer is only the first step in micro-managing customer experience.  The challenge extends further to preventing customer account loss and the sharing/socializing of negative sentiments and experiences by precisely reacting to detected dissatisfaction anywhere in the organization in a timely and appropriate manner—whether by automating responses or assigning dissatisfied customers to account support and recovery teams.

SkyCreek eTouchPoint is an enterprise-wide solution for micro-managing and micro-resolving customer experience at the individual interaction level.  It provides robust, multi-channel enterprise feedback, dynamic customer experience management and proactive account-loss prevention capabilities that mirror the organizational structure of customer-facing operations—allowing companies to capture, interpret and react to the voice of the customer at any and all customer touch points. 

eTouchPoint engages customers at the ‘moment of truth’ to capture, monitor and benchmark key satisfaction, loyalty and economic metrics to provide a comprehensive view of the customer’s journey—their experiences across time and according to the various touch points they’ve interacted with.  It rolls-up customer satisfaction and insights across and up through the entire service delivery chain, providing actionable, real-time intelligence to appropriately respond to varying degrees of dissatisfaction and to roadmap improvements to processes and employee procedures across specific countries, regions, call-centers, stores, teams and by individual employee.

SkyCreek eTouchPoint manages customer experience management efforts at leading Fortune 500 customer-centric organizations providing enterprise-wide visibility into brand value, customer loyalty and account loss prevention.  Since 1997 the eTouchPoint solution has helped clients micro-manage their customer-facing service personnel to proactively address service quality and ensure world class service levels throughout their organization.  Currently eTouchPoint captures and analyzes millions of customer satisfaction measurements a month and tens of millions of customer interactions annually. Leveraging eTouchPoint’s software platform and CEM Best Practices, clients realize significant improvements in operational performance and brand-tracking metrics while routinely reducing the number of employees and customers involved in negative interactions.