Field ServiceEliminate a Minimum of 100 Routes per Day
from Field Service Operations


Whether a field service operation is designed to manage delivery, installation or repair services the more confirmations, cancels and reschedules that can be captured before trucks roll the greater the cost savings that can be achieved and sustained month over month and year over year. Accurately utilizing and managing expensive and limited field service assets is not just key to financial performance and profitability, it is critical to customer experience and loyalty as American workers spent $37.7 billion in time spent waiting for in-home services in 2011 (source: IBOPE Zogby).

The challenge for field service operators is to continue to eliminate greater numbers of no-show and no-access situations without adding to current resource levels and cost.

SkyCreek Field Service offers a high-volume dispatch support solution for large-scale field service operators who need to eliminate customer no-shows and no-access situations from their daily dispatch workload and to prevent the high costs of incorrectly deploying field-service resources to non-productive jobs.  It is comprised of a flexible array of hardened pre-appointment contact programs, technician contact utilities and post-appointment processes that all work together in tandem to reduce avoidable truck-rolls and improve overall route accuracy, dispatch performance and customer experiences.

SkyCreek Field Service can accommodate any multi-channel pre-appointment contact requirement to provide proactive notifications to customers of pending schedule delays, estimated time of arrival updates and for self-service appointment management.  It allows technicians to easily contact customers with corporate caller IDs while in the field and supports interactions with Work Force Management (WFM) systems to help manage same-day changes to schedules when using dynamic routing based on the latest touch of the customer.

SkyCreek Field Service is so flexible, expansive and dynamic we are ready to prove how it can eliminate a minimum of a 100 routes per day from any field service operation with a minimum of 1,000 employees.

SkyCreek’s Field Service solution is proven to reduce thousands of avoidable routes per day from field delivery, installation and repair services.  Field Service is deployed at some of the largest field service operations in North America and is currently suppressing over $1,350,000 in wasted field service resources a month—an operational savings growing month to month.