MediateAchieving/Sustaining Fully Automated Error


Service fulfillment is a complex process, typically unique to each provider and challenged by procedural complexities, disconnects between service offerings and available services, legacy system constraints and layers of manual error handling operations.

Even with OSS and provisioning systems managing the process, many experts, and our direct customer experience, indicate that upwards of 30-40% of service orders still fall-out from automated service activation processes. The requires service providers to continually bear the expense of staffing adequate experienced personnel to manage and rectify fall-out from the myriad of systems that deliver, manage, control and bill customer services—typically spanning multiple divisions, organizations and budgetary boundaries.  Whether from upstream changes to systems, errors present at time of order-entry or other conditions; service provisioning fall-out is a perpetual challenge that can add millions of dollars in expense to the bottom-line.

SkyCreek Mediate is an intelligent automated error handling solution specifically designed for high-volume, multi-system service activation environments. 

It is rapidly configurable to resolve the most frequent correction scenarios and for more complicated errors and outliers it has the intelligence to isolate and define the most-probable-to-solve correction approach to guide any further manual resolution effort required.  Mediate processes all fall-out and automatically diagnoses, corrects and resubmits corrected orders that did not qualify for flow-through provisioning, qualified orders that fail at the switch and other complex order-activation issues. It also provides for detailed analysis of root cause information captured during the error-handling procedure, offering service managers deep insight that can further refine the accuracy and expansiveness of automated resolution.

With nearly 20 years of deployments in some of the largest service companies in North America, SkyCreek Mediate has a proven track record of significant operational cost savings and for one marquee client has saved over $4.3M in manual error-handling costs in 2011 alone.  Since 2000, Mediate has produced over $50M is hard operational savings for SkyCreek customers who have also witnessed significant improvements in customer satisfaction and retention rates and the volume of service related support calls entering their call centers.