SentimentAnalyze/Address/Affect Customer
Sentiment at any Touch Point


There’s what’s said, and how it’s said.  One without the other only provides a single dimension of the quality being delivered and the resulting experience to the customer. Nuance, inflection, tone, pace, volume, word choice, and other variables provide invaluable insights into the customer mindset that are not easily captured by structured survey mechanisms.

The challenge for customer-centric operations is to capture and act upon the true feelings customers have about services provided and the interactions they have with front-line employees to more acutely and precisely manage experience, satisfaction and loyalty. While surveys provide a high-level view of aggregate satisfaction and experiences, to achieve new levels of customer-centricity, companies must leverage unstructured customer sentiments to understand the full perspective of service delivered, to improve employee performance and culture, and to enhance brand value perceptions.

SkyCreek Sentiment allows customers to understand why their customers behave the way they do.  Sentiment provides natural-language processing as well as human monitoring to determine the true sentiment of captured customer feedback.  It goes beyond what is said to assess and analyze how it is being said and why to produce a more accurate understanding of customer’s true feelings of their experiences with the business, the brand and individual employees they interact with.  Sentiment works across customer channels, web, calling (IVR), SMS text messaging and mobile applications to capture unstructured feedback to add a more personalized and free-form assessment of satisfaction to existing survey data.

Sentiment can also be utilized to understand employee sentiments by giving them an anonymous voice to improve processes, impact perceptions of performance and advocate on behalf of the customers they serve. Continuous improvement is the foundation for creating a culture of service excellence within a company and studies have shown that employees who receive ongoing feedback are higher performing and more satisfied in their jobs.  By listening to employees, companies can be more responsive to the needs of customers; learn ways to improve their processes; keep employees engaged; and reduce the costs of employee turnover.

SkyCreek Sentiment was developed working with several of the largest customer care operations in North America. It is used in high-volume customer support and field service operations to implement continuous employee improvement, offering micro-managment of customer facing performance.