Tech CTEnsuring Consistent Quality Field
Service Experiences


With the increased importance placed on managing the quality of experience provided to customers at every and all touch points, the challenge is ensuring that field personnel are complying with defined customer service expectations. Just as call center representatives; field personnel are the embodiment of your brand to your customer.

The quality of service they provide, or don't provide, can have lasting effects on that account and others in their social networks and family circles. Tracking that not only that customer contact is happening but that the rules of engagement and customer care are being embraced and followed is critical to ensuring consistent positive customer experiences and more importantly preventing negative experiences that can ripple through-out their collective sphere of market influence.

SkyCreek Tech CT (Technician Compliance & Training) closes the last mile of customer experience management; extending customer interaction compliance measures and full interaction audit capabilities to field service operations. It allows field service managers to centrally monitor and manage all phone-based contact made to customers by field service personnel—requiring all customer calling to be conducted through 800 IVR service or through iPhone or Droid mobile contact management applications.

This not only allows management to easily monitor contact compliance, it provides and effective repository of actual calls for individual and group training, while providing an archive to defend and mitigate against in-field liabilities. Tech CT ensures that all calls directed to customers by in-field personnel are presented under corporate caller-ids; regardless of what phone is being used. Managers can quickly see compliance performance according to the hierarchies of their organizations and quickly monitor individual technician call performance. Managers can also rate and record feedback for each interaction for training and to roll-up highly accurate metrics of the actual experiences had by customers—adding a more unstructured and real perspective to customer survey results.

SkyCreek Tech CT has been employed by some of the largest field service operations in North America and has proven to dramatically improve contact compliance and individual customer interaction performance—while eliminating virtually all inbound technician calls into customer and dispatch support centers by technicians having difficulty reaching customers by phone (due to growing tendencies of customers to not answer calls from unrecognized caller ids).