Preventing Errors from Entering Order
Management Systems

In the chase to further attract and accommodate new and repeat customers, the gap between service offerings and service fulfillment widens, creating more opportunities for errors and negative customer experiences.  As more services, options and bundles are brought to market, the greater the pressure on service provisioning and fulfillment processes to accommodate increased order variability. In an environment where a single order error can affect customer service, impact inventory counts and delayed service billing, avoidable mistakes also result in costly and satisfaction-draining customer calls into the support center.

Inaccuracies in order processing are expensive, resource consuming and frustrating to customers who do not care about internal processes, only when their purchase will be available. The challenge for service providers is to support this continually moving customer marketing objective while preventing order errors from ever entering order management and provisioning processes and/or being detected by customers—and all with as few manual resources as possible.

SkyCreek Verify is a service assurance solution that improves service order provisioning and fulfillment accuracy, billing accuracy and verification and inventory accuracy. It replaces human error checking with a more scalable, fully automated solution that verifies order accuracy and assures that services ordered are the services provisioned in the network and that resulting billing and inventory transactions are correct.

SkyCreek Verify catches errors before customers can.  It compares current service order information and detects mismatched customer services in real-time so that corrective actions can be affected on customer accounts, synchronized across effected OSS systems and rectified before customers experience any inconvenience and call into the call center for support. 

SkyCreek Verify is a modular platform designed for rapid adoption, refinement and optimization of the unique environment, processes and performance objectives of each customer. With Verify:

  • Service orders can be compared to switch technologies, multi-service platforms, voicemail and AIN databases, billing systems, inventory systems, etc.
  • Client records are audited with other operational databases for remedial action
  • Errors are translated to English descriptions for easy analysis
  • A user-controlled switch verification release schedule is included
  • Corrected errors are re-verified to ensure against defects

SkyCreek Verify currently supports some of the largest service providers in North America, verifying over 15 million service orders annually.  It has been hardened by nearly 20 years of continuous high-volume support and is easily tailored and optimized to the specific systems, situations and specifications of customers needing to further reduce cost and improve the accuracy of service fulfillment.